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Dance classes to get boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 4 wiggling & giggling, while growing their confidence, imagination and coordination.

There are 3 classes available in the Wiggle & Giggle range; 

                     45 minute combo class of Jazz & Tap; 
        30 minute Ballet class and/or 
   30 minute Acrobatics class.

In addition to fun dance moves and awesome tunes to sing and act along to, students work with shapes, colours, numbers and props to keep them continually growing, learning and focused within all of the classes.


Regular attendance in the Wiggle & Giggle class will help to develop children’s confidence. This confidence is inspired by many things; meeting new people, being independent and trying new things. In attending regularly, students are able to master new skills which also builds their confidence.

Wiggle & Giggle is a hub for students to use their own imagination and get creative! From free expression dance to the ability to explore their own response to music by way of expressions, actions and feelings. Students are encouraged to be themselves and bring that to each class to help them excel!

Identified as a very important aspect of development for children this age, coordination is incorporated into each lesson, with students working on their muscle strength, gross motor skills and fine motor skills along with their senses.  


Created by qualified and experienced dance teachers in conjunction with primary/secondary school teachers.

Taught in house by one of the highly qualified creators of the Program.

Music from well known children’s TV shows, allowing them to engage outside of the class.

Lessons available in a range of styles.

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